Softhesis plugin ecosystem & tutorials

Add Ons & Tutorials

An add ons marketplace with easy to integrate plugins in combination with all the core products of softhesis. This marketplace includes plugins like Pinata, Arweave, etc.

We also provide a complete set of detailed tutorials to use each of products and build different Dapps with them. Our tutorials are a combination of free videos, ready to use code templates & web courses.

Why Softhesis Add Ons & Tutorials?

Add Ons Marketplace

Integrate with different services without a lot of code. Find all the plugins curated in one marketplace and choose the plugin of your choice without any vendor lock ins.

Open Source Tools

Get access to a set of well maintained open source tools and work with us to build the these tools and libraries with our developer community.

Tutorials & Courses

Get access to a complete set of implementation tutorials in the form of blogs, videos, code samples and courses on all new web3 technologies. These tutorials helps you upskill all the new and existing developers in this space.

Softhesis Elevate

A elevated promotion program for all the developers and businesses who build their products using Softhesis infrastructure. Our goal is to build the web3 community and help the members benefit form each other.

The web3 ecosystem of plugins

Unlimited possibilites with an ecosystem of plugins

Plug and play with any combination of the plugins of your choice and build your product. All the plugins can be integrated through our SDK just using a few lines of code, allowing you to perform integrations without lock ins. Choose the plugin from our Add Ons marketplace and power your Dapps with instant functionalities.

Save money. Ship Faster. Scale Better.


Cost Savings

Reduced cost as the APIs are used on a pay-as-you-go basis, reducing unwanted infrastructure cost.


Faster Releases

Faster release cycles result in reduced time to market for your Dapp.


High Availablity

Our highly available services allow you to scale your production Dapps faster.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Build your products with us

Build lightning fast world class Dapps powered by Softhesis infrastructure.

Build lightning fast world class Dapps powered by Softhesis infrastructure.