Softhesis Hypernode

Hypernode Blockchain API

With our Softhesis Hypernode API you can connect your Dapps to the blockchain in the most easiest and developer friendly way.

Our hypernodes have the same functionality as the native ethereum, polygon or binance nodes but with  added speed, reliability, data correctness & scalability. Our nodes are also fully integrated into our product suite offering additional plug-n-play functionality.

Why Softhesis Hypernode ?

Highly Reliable

We use a distributed system architecture to enable highly available nodes. This allows you to rely upon the service and create world class products for your customers.

Data Consistency

Our nodes are fully in sync with the data in the blockchain and can accommodate real time load from Dapps ensuring the data correctness and consistency.

Infinitely Scalable

Our nodes are made to seamlessly scale supporting businesses to grow fast and scale products but also ensuring a great user experience.

Full Archive Access

Our nodes provide a full access to archived data allowing developers to query historical states and transactions for both mainnet and testnet environments through API endpoints.

What functions does the hypernode offer?

All the functionalities you need

Save money. Ship Faster. Scale Better.


Cost Savings

Reduced cost as the APIs are used on a pay-as-you-go basis, reducing unwanted infrastructure cost.


Faster Releases

Faster release cycles result in reduced time to market for your Dapp.


High Availablity

Our highly available services allow you to scale your production Dapps faster.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Build your products with us

Build lightning fast world class Dapps powered by Softhesis infrastructure.

Build lightning fast world class Dapps powered by Softhesis infrastructure.