Softhesis Server, API & SDK

Web3 Server, API & SDK

With our managed server, web3 API and SDK, softhesis provides an ultimate combination of developer tools to build cross chain compatible Dapps. Redundant functionalities like user authentication, historical transactional data, notifications and alerts, etc can be now access just with a few lines of code.

Why Softhesis Server, API & SDK?


Integrate and build on the blockchain of your choice with very few lines of code. We offer a streamlined library to develop products.

Cross Chain Compatible

We support multiple chains using a single SDK hence creating a future proof setup to build your cross chain compatible Dapps with less effort in development.

Custom Functions

Not only can you use the ready functions of the SDK and the REST APIs, you can also deploy your own cloud functions using the server cloud functions and use them through our SDK.

Ready Boilerplates

We have a collection of ready to use boilerplate projects for different cases ranging from NFT miners, marketplaces, wallets to micro-lending blockchain platforms.

How the Nodes, APIs and SDK are collectively connected?

Server, APIs & SDK Architecture

What functionalities does our SDK offer?

Softhesis SDK

All the redundant functionalities those are necessary are available in our cross chain SDK. Just with a few lines of a code any of these functionalities can be integrated into your Dapp.

Save money. Ship Faster. Scale Better.


Cost Savings

Reduced cost as the APIs are used on a pay-as-you-go basis, reducing unwanted infrastructure cost.


Faster Releases

Faster release cycles result in reduced time to market for your Dapp.


High Availablity

Our highly available services allow you to scale your production Dapps faster.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Build your products with us

Build lightning fast world class Dapps powered by Softhesis infrastructure.

Build lightning fast world class Dapps powered by Softhesis infrastructure.